Summatech Fleet Management System

Summatech Fleet Management System (STFMS) was developed for fleet management/logistics companies to assist in the day to day management of the logistical as well as the day to day running and planning of the business.

The product is constantly updated and upgraded, on the requirements of the industry or the requirements of the client.

The product also assist the company to maintain safety standards like ISO, SQAS, RTMS and the new AARTO regulations.

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The company can control all maintenance on any fleet for cost analysis. The process includes from Job cards, Purchase request, Stock Orders, Supplier Invoicing, Supplier Deliveries and Stock and Warehouse control. The Company can also control washday information as well as toll fee costing on the system.

Documentation control

All documentation (Employee ID, Licenses, Medical, Load Documentation, Warnings Daily Check Lists) gets scanned in and managed by the system for future references.

Incident, Accident and Non Conformances

All incidents, accidents and non conformances can be captured on the system for the record keeping of cost, all risk factors, causes of incident, accidents and non conformances as well as insurance record tracking.


The system can be hosted by the company on their own premises or we host the system for the company in the cloud with daily backup control. We also do integrations to financial systems (Pastel Partner, Pastel Evolution, etc.)

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